ZohoCRM (Customer Relationship Management)

If you are looking for a cost effective way to manage your customers, then take a look at ZohoCRM.

There are currently 4 editions, free, standard, professional and enterprise and it’s currently free for up to 10 users using the basic free edition.

ZohoCRM gives you the ability to follow your leads right through from your initial contact to becoming a customer, keeping a record of all your communications and attach documents against your contacts. You can also generate forms for your website so you can keep in touch with your customers and add their information directly into your CRM.

The more advanced editions, which vary in price, give you additional functionality such as integrated email, campaign management, invoicing and customised modules.

The software isn’t going to be for everyone, and with the free edition there are going to be limitations, so do a little bit of research, try it out and see if it will fit with your business. If your unsure drop me a message.

ZohoCRM is cloud based, so access to your information is via a web browser, anytime and anywhere 24×7, even from your mobile devices.

There are many add ons available and a full compliment of business tools including HR, Finance, Email and Helpdesk are readily available, again many with free or limited versions to try before you buy!

Zoho is just one of the many CRM solutions I have worked with over the years, some would say the free edition is somewhat clunky and less efficient than some of the more expensive solutions on the market, which in many ways is possibly true. That said, I’ve worked with many more that are not user friendly, less flexible and very limited when using “free editions”.

The ability to export your data is a pretty handy tool as other systems make it nigh on impossible to get any sensible data out without a big outlay in time or cost.

Zoho is an ideal solution to cut your teeth on, especially if it’s your first look at CRM solutions.

You can visit Zoho’s website https://www.zoho.com/

If you would like to discuss how ZohoCRM can work for your business, give me a call.