Tools for the successful Cornish business…

I’ve written a few blog posts about productivity tools in the past, so I thought I’d put together the top 5 tools, businesses in Cornwall should be using…

1. WordPress CMS

Go org, not .com….

Every business needs a web presence, WordPress is one of the most popular web design tools available and it’s free!  Download and install quickly – no time?  Give me a shout.

.com gives you a hosted solution, but go .org and the world of WordPress is at your finger tips.  Plugins galore to help build your site

2. Google Webmaster tools

We’ve heard of SEO and Google Analytics so what is Google Webmaster tools? Well it helps you monitor and maintain your website free of charge. Find out who is linked to your website, errors and what search queries are used to get to your site.

3. Mailchimp

I’ve been using Mailchimp for many years now, it’s a non nonsense, drag and drop email marketing tool and best of all it’s free!  Want to know how many people clicked your news article…you can, keep your email lists in one place…now you can.

3. Zoho CRM

Manage your customer interactions better, keep a record of those conversations with your customers… we all have busy lives and we just don’t remember everything. So what better way than to jot it down in a convenient to use, customer management system or CRM for short.

Having been a user of SugarCRM for many years, I moved over to Zoho as it was a little more user friendly with a few tools that came as standard in the free version without having to have programming knowledge.

4. Wave apps

I’ve been looking for an accounts package that didn’t cost the earth, that came highly recommended (by a couple of the national newspapers) and managed my invoicing as well.  So when I came by Waveapps, I though I’d give it a quick whirl.

Understandably, using a web based solution has it’s downsides, what happens if the company goes bust or someone hacks your account. But with many business tools now on the cloud, this is one to take a look at.

There is a handy reporting tool that lets you export your data on a regular basis, so never be without the information again.


There is a bit of a pattern emerging here…. They say nothing in this world is free, but my top 5 tools for Cornish businesses are all free! You may need to put in a bit of work to master the basics, but once you have, these tools will help manage many of the tasks a small business needs to do quickly, cheaply and well!

Like some help with any of these tools, then get in touch and we’ll get you up and running in no time at all!.