For over twenty years I have worked in Marketing and Business Development, mostly within the software industry.  Until recently most of my work was centred around growing new business, getting leads and managing the existing customer base.

As part of this, I’ve set up customer management systems, created monthly email campaigns and spent a lot of time on the telephone talking with our client base, to sell in consultancy services.

I decided several years ago, that as part of my continued need to “learn new skills” or enhance those I already possessed that I should enrol on a course with Falmouth University.  Business Writing is a skill that we all have, it’s just that many of us don’t have a need to use it on a regular basis or choose not to embrace our skills in that particular area.

I’ve always been self taught, however this time I wanted to grow the knowledge I had collected over the years, and certify that actually what I was doing was right.  It’s always good to take these courses, as it gives you a new perspective, teaches you new skills and opens your eyes to new experiences.