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With over 2 million dogs being stolen each year in the UK, it’s a wake up call to each and every dog owner, especially here in Cornwall.

Thankfully, here in Cornwall we do experience a lower rate of theft than in other parts of the UK. However we should not be complacent. It’s not scare mongering to be alert.

Only recently the theft of a Staffordshire Bull terrier in Wadebridge bought Cornwall wide attention when a young dog was stolen from outside the owners business premises. Thankfully this story ended happily and the dog was reunited with its owner after a huge outcry on social media and news publishers across Cornwall.

There are those that simply go missing from homes, whilst on walks and whilst tied up outside shops. So we must be vigilant, after all its heart breaking to lose your best friend, and even more so if you cannot get closure.

There are various places to find information, should the worst happen and your dogs goes missing, here are just a few resource:

  • Pirate FM –
  • Facebook pages:

Whilst we do not need to panic, its worth noting that we should not waste a single second even if there is a chance your dog has just gone for a stroll.  No one will care as long as pooch find his/her way home.

There are many local people willing to help search, offering advice and comfort. The more exposure you get in the first 24 hours, the more likely you are to get your pet back safe and sound.