Is Branding Low Priority?

Branding is a way that your customers can set you apart from the competition.  It’s a unique and consistent way for customers to recognize you.

Branding is your DNA, its the basis of your business, its the colour scheme, your logo, the way your brochures are designed and how you are perceived online.

Your branding says a lot about you and your business, it helps you to connect with your customers.

We know that in a Business to Consumer environment, branding can directly impact sales.  We eat brands, we wear them and we recommend them.

So why do businesses rank branding as low priority?  We take a look at three commons mistakes with branding:

  1. Inconsistency – people remember and need to be reminded of your brand so when it comes time to buy, they have a vision of your brand and what it can offer them.
  2. Not maintaining your brand – its very easy to let things slip, or make changes that will reflect badly on the business. Consistency is key, there is a reason why Coca Cola has left a lasting imprint on consumers.
  3. Watering your brand down – your business is a young vibrant colourful brand – but suddenly dulling it down, or removing aspects of your brand can not only affect your customer base but also the relationship you have with your employees.

Branding can be very daunting to an organisation when starting out, but remember that it’s what your customers will connect with, it speaks about your personality and the customer base you are trying to attract.