This week Google announced that your tweets will be featured in search engines results. Thus affecting millions that tweet everyday.

Initially this is being rolled out in the US, but will spread to other countries very soon, so start work now to benefit from this additional “advertising” stream.

Your 140 character tweet now will not only be able to people searching twitter, but will be available to anyone searching for the # hash tag term anywhere on the web.

So using hashtag #Cornwall means there is a good chance this will increase your visibility to others searching for this term and also to no twitter users.

What do twitter gain from this? Well they will have increased web traffic to their website which in turns will promote the use of Twitter as a medium for business development and exposure.

Being free to use, this is an ideal opportunity to get your business or service promoted for free and will in turn provide additional revenue to Google and Twitter as people will at some point want to increase their chance of their tweets being listed in the top 20.

It does however mean you need to be very careful when tweeting or choosing your hash tags, no longer will your tweets just be the source of amusement for your followers but will be available to your boss, your partner and your community!