Developing a social media strategy?  What does that actually mean?

The key to the success of any marketing campaign is to have clear objectives and social media is no different.  You may be looking to increase sales of a particular product, improve customer service or increase your brand awareness.

Set your objective and look at how this could be achieved.  Lets take the customer service element….

Its so easy nowadays to take to facebook or twitter to make a complaint, in truth, its normally the quickest way to get a response.  Companies do not want bad press, but want to be seen to be responding to their customers quickly and efficiently.

Deleting a bad comment or feedback, certainly is no longer the way to win fans – addressing the complaint and if need be taking into a private message shows you are committed to dealing with issues and feedback in a constructive manor.

So, next time you receive feedback, good or bad, make sure you are quick to respond, turning it into a potential opportunity rather than a lost customer.