I chose to continue my studies with Falmouth University having completed and enjoyed the writing for media (three) module.

Initially I felt that I had struggled to bring together some of the elements of the course, such as understanding the markets and news production, identifying the news values and the news pyramid. However on reflection I had managed to bring together these important aspects of a successful article, but perhaps need further practice to ensure that future copy is both interesting and follows the correct overall structure.

I found the Blogging module, the most interesting and had already initiated my own website which covers aspects of Marketing and Social Media tools, hoping to give an insight to my readers of the range of software and information available to them.

The skills that I have learnt throughout this course will indeed help me to write using the correct techniques, although I do believe this is on-going and is something that needs to be addressed and reassessed on a regular basis to ensure you are maintaining the interest of your readers and the quality of your work.

I believe confidence is a great part of this, as many people including myself feel “Why would someone want to read something I have written” and sometimes fall foul of thinking too much about this and not enough about sharing information.

Due to work constraints, I did not spend nearly enough time on the Objective reporting and interviewing section, which in hindsight was a mistake – an area that I really need to develop and greatly interests me, but found that sadly time swept past me and left me with very little time to really get to grips with the whole subject. However I intend to revisit this area and spend more time reading some of the suggested reading materials.

I suspect the most useful element I will take away from the course, is indeed the six questions, who, what, why, where, when and how and how these are used to draw attention to the key aspects of the article and gaining the initial interest of the reader.

The forum is always a good source of comparison and reflection, it enabled me to self-critic my work as very few of the other students were analysing each other’s work, which having had seen this in action in the previous module, was sadly missed in this one.

Comments on feedback from the tutor, good or bad, can help you recognise where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Again due to time constraints, and perhaps more time spend reading through some of the earlier suggested reading, meant that I had left the most important areas till last and indeed very little time for feedback.

Overall, the course has provided me with the background to take this further, to research more about writing for the media and become more comfortable with the various elements that make a good story.