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Is Branding Low Priority?

Is Branding Low Priority?Branding is a way that your customers can set you apart from the competition.  It’s a unique and consistent way for customers to recognize you.Branding is your DNA, its the basis of your business, its the colour scheme, your logo,...

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Google Hangouts Advanced for Free

Are you a Google user? Have you taken advantage of the free upgrade to Google Hangouts which allows online meetings for larger groups of people during Covid19.  It provides the ability to record to Google drive, and have up to 250 people on the call.There...

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WordPress security

Wordpress security If you are using Wordpress, you may not have had the misfortune of being hacked yet.  I say yet, as it’s likely that at some point someone will try and infiltrate your Wordpress website maliciously. There are some simple ways to help wordpress...

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Classic Mini Specialist website

If you are looking for Classic Mini spares, Restoration, Precision Engineering and Blasting services.  Check out Mayzie4's new website.  Mike also offers a range of services including Vehicle transportation, Ultrasonic cleaning and Hydrolastic services, one of the few...

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Tools for the successful Cornish business

Tools for the successful Cornish business... I’ve written a few blog posts about productivity tools in the past, so I thought I’d put together the top 5 tools, businesses in Cornwall should be using... 1. WordPress CMS Go org, not .com.......

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Lost your dog?

With over 2 million dogs being stolen each year in the UK, it’s a wake up call to each and every dog owner, especially here in Cornwall. Thankfully, here in Cornwall we do experience a lower rate of theft than in other parts of the UK. However we should not be...

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